Best Quality Natural Jute Twine for Crafts and Garden

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Don’t you just love using the best quality Jute Twine in your craft projects and gardening? It is something so simple yet inexpensive and it can really make a big impact. Let me introduce you to the best Jute Twine twine for crafts and gardens in the market that I always use.

Jute Twine

It is made of natural vegetable fibre from the jute plant. Jute fibre is tear-proof and weatherproof natural fibre also known as golden fibre. You can use this twine for all kinds of special occasions including weddings, birthdays, hen parties, baby showers, bridal showers and special dates like Christmas, Easter, valentine’s days and mother’s day. It can also be used for completing craft projects such as making scrapbooks, cards, and sewing.

Since I have started doing arts and crafts as a hobby, I have bought a few twines online and I have found that Anpro  Jute Twine is the best in the market. The reasons why I love it so much are the following:

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  • Durability: This Jute Twine is made of natural thick brown 2 plies of string twined together. I have used this to hang an indoor plant basket and it can sustain the weight. I was surprised at how well they hold. It’s very strong yet soft that it will not damage the items you are binding and hanging.
  • Length and thickness: This twine is 2 ply and 320 feet long and 1mm in diameter and thick enough for craft and garden use.
  • Eco-friendly: This is made of eco-friendly jute fibre and is neutral in colour.
  • Value for money: The best thing about the Anpro twine is that you are only getting a superior quality Jute Twine but it comes along with free 50 wooden pegs as well. These little wooden pegs are so lovely and nicely made. You can use them for many kinds of craft projects.

Here are some ways I have used this Jute Twine in my craft project and gardening:jute-twine-decoration

  • Hanging gift tags: This is an excellent high-quality twine to make gift tags that will look beautiful.
  • Wrapping gift boxes: Instead of using a traditional ribbon on a gift-wrapped package, you can use this instead. It will make your gift looked more elegant.
  • Decorative signs and wordings: Making jute twine signs and wordings can make a cute prop for your pictures for your special occasions like weddings, birthdays, etc.
  • Making a banner: I have made a banner using this as a string and I have attached letters and pictures to it. This would make a perfect decoration for your special occasions.
  • Decorating glass bottles and vases: To make a decorative glass bottle or vase I have wrapped the jute twine around it. It can add a rustic touch and a pretty decorative item to your room.
  • Making jute twine ball lantern: Who would have thought, years ago that you can use jute twine to make a ball lantern. I used to think it is impossible to make such a beautiful twine ball lantern using jute twine.  Now I am so happy that I made it and it turned out to be so easy. You just need glue, jute twine, a bouncy ball and a little bit of patience till the glue bonds.
  • Decorating scrapbooks: I have used twine to personalise my scrapbook by making ribbons, signs and wordings.
  • Lampshade: I have revamped an old lampshade by just wrapping jute twine around it. I have been using it every day and believe me there is no actual fire hazard. Moreover, it absorbs the heat from the light. It doesn’t really heat up.
  • Plant hangers: I have made plant hangers using jute twine by just tying knots on it just like our moms used to do in the ’70s. Compared to the macramé plant hangers and cheap nylon ones, the jute twine plant hangers provide a nice balance in cost and aesthetics.

I hope you find this post is helpful. If you have any experience with using jute twine or suggestion on the other uses of it, please share your experience in the comment section below.

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